written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Takes The Dog For A Walk.

I am really back and forth on Miley Cyrus. Sometimes I love her. Other times I’m not such a big fan. I’m not crazy over her music (or her acting) but as a celebrity, I kind of like her. She always gets herself in trouble and as a celebrity gossip addict, that really appeals to me. She doesn’t hurt anyone. She doesn’t even really do things that should get her in trouble yet she seems to find herself at the center of one controversy or another on a semi-regular basis. Actually, it has been a while. That means Miley is just about due for another ridiculous controversy. I can’t wait to see people get their backs all up about nothing. That’s always a good time.


  • she is hot

  • Soo sexy!

  • Love that ass.

  • Bloody nice ass! :)

  • and the first line of that lyrics was also chagned to and the britney song was on which was supposed to be on the second paragraph not first. i think the reason was for the presence of britney in the show. I watched every part of the Teen Choice awards from Youtube! )