written by Wanda

Minka Kelly Has Ridiculous Legs

Ah, Minka Kelly. Just when I feel like the world has gone crazy, you come along and make me feel like everything is as it is supposed to be. Here’s what I love about these photos of Minka in Beverly Hills: those legs of hers look incredible. I’m a leg girl. I love a woman with a nice pair of stems but what I love even more than a woman with a nice pair of stems is when said woman doesn’t have to wear heels to make the legs look fantastic. Most women know that heels give the legs tone and definition. The right pair of heels can make a woman’s legs look longer and more shapely which is, I’m guess anyway, part of the reason so many women wear them. It’s why I started wearing heels. When I woman’s legs look like Minka’s do in these photos without a little helping heel, I am impressed and attracted. Very nice, Minka.

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  • she is so hot, awesome legs