written by Wanda

Minka Kelly In “Charlie’s Angels”

I mentioned recently that I’m pretty excited for the new TV series “Charlies Angels” remake and after seeing these pictures from the show on Miami Beach, that excitement is only heightened. Minka Kelly looks incredible. I love the clothes. I love the style and I love the fact that all three women are attractive. Will this be the most compelling show on the air? I haven’t seen any of it yet, but I have to assume the answer is no. It looks like it’s going to be campy and cheesy and everything else that made the original so appealing. My biggest hope is that they didn’t try to make it too stylized or modern. While the clothes sort of give me that impression, I’m saving my judgment for when I actually see the show.

and Annie Ilonzeh


  • all them women are insanely hot great legs on them , yummy

  • great legs on show from these chicks

  • Id love to plow all three