written by Wanda

Minka Kelly Is A Very Pretty Lady.

It always amazes me when a woman can look as awesome leaving the gym as she did when she went in. I can promise you, I don’t look nearly as good as Minka Kelly does here as I’m leaving a gym after a hard workout. Granted, I don’t look as good as Minka when I go in either, but that’s kind of beside the point. So what is the point? Glad you asked. It’s pretty simple, really. Minka is gorgeous – absolutely stunning. She has a terrific body but more than that, her beauty isn’t just the result of a few hours spent in the hair and makeup chair. She has natural beauty and in the entertainment industry, that can be hard to find. I respect that and for that reason alone, I love these pictures.


  • I do not think that she is that attractive. She is not ugly by any means but is def not hot hot either. She looks decent leaving the gym but she is not someone I would oogle and google over either.

  • she is very pretty imo, noticed her on parenthood and had to look her up, she is very nice, great ass on her too