written by Wanda

Minka Kelly Sexy Lady In Red

Minka Kelly is, in my humble opinion, one of the sexiest young actresses in Hollywood. I loved her on “Friday Night Lights” and even liked her in “The Roommate” even though I didn’t care much for the movie although my favorite role of hers to date is Gaby on the tragically underrated “Parenthood”. I’m haven’t really been a big fan of all of the remakes hitting the airwaves over the last little while, but I’m looking forward to seeing “Charlie’s Angels” – Minka’s upcoming TV movie remake of the classic TV show. Will it be anywhere near as fun and campy as the series it’s based on? Only time will tell, but I definitely hope so.


  • I like her in parenthood, she is very sexy, good eye candy

  • parenthood is good lods of fit birds, lauren graham is a fit milf, I love jO bryant she is stunning, I find Monica potter milfy too, the sexy young chick played by sarah ramos is sooooooo fit too.

    My Favourite on the show is Erika Christensen tho she is sooo hot and so curvy too, great figure on her, wish she was on here, wish she got topless or something more, she is so sexy

  • I agree on Erika Christensen she is well fit she plays julia on parenthood blonde very busty and curvy wish she was on here, minka kelly is gorgeous tho, very pretty and has a great body.

  • she is well fit yes, great looking and nice body