written by Wanda

Minka Kelly Shows Off Her Butt.

I’m not sure I love how Minka Kelly’s butt looks in this first photo but I like how it looks in the rest of these pictures so I’m not going to complain. Minka Kelly is a stunner – absolutely gorgeous – so how can I really nitpick pictures that feature her rear end so prominently. I love the outfit she’s wearing here – casual but still super sexy. This is a woman that knows a thing or two about being hot and doesn’t even seem to have to try. She just looks sexy no matter what she does. Is that a talent? I’m not sure but I can say for sure I wouldn’t mind being able to pull that off.


  • she is such a cutie, very attractive and that’s a nice ass, tight outfit, great ass

  • great shape minka is in and wow what a fine ass

  • That ass is asking for attention

  • Great shape. sexy big round ass. I bet she rides like a champ

  • Her butt looks fine in the first phone what is wrong with you?

    • Photo* damn typos

  • big ass booty, she is really sexy, noticed her on the show on parenthood she is really nice looking, you could crack a walnut on that ass