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Minka Kelly Shows Off Her Butt.

I’m not sure I love how Minka Kelly’s butt looks in this first photo but I like how it looks in the rest of these pictures so I’m not going to complain. Minka Kelly is a stunner – absolutely gorgeous – so how can I really nitpick pictures that feature her rear end so prominently. I love the outfit she’s wearing here – casual but still super sexy. This is a woman that knows a thing or two about being hot and doesn’t even seem to have to try. She just looks sexy no matter what she does. Is that a talent? I’m not sure but I can say for sure I wouldn’t mind being able to pull that off.

Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt.

Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt. Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt. Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt. Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt. Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt. Minka Kelly Shows off Her Butt.


  • she is such a cutie, very attractive and that’s a nice ass, tight outfit, great ass

  • great shape minka is in and wow what a fine ass

  • That ass is asking for attention

  • Great shape. sexy big round ass. I bet she rides like a champ

  • Her butt looks fine in the first phone what is wrong with you?

    • Photo* damn typos

  • big ass booty, she is really sexy, noticed her on the show on parenthood she is really nice looking, you could crack a walnut on that ass

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