written by Wanda

Miranda Kerr Frolics On The Beach In Lingerie

I adore Miranda Kerr. She’s so beautiful and she seems like such a fun, free spirited person. That really shows in these photos. You might be able to see a little more in these photos than Miranda was intending but I don’t think that would bother her all that much. She just doesn’t seem all that hung up on that sort of thing. I love these photos. They’re so lighthearted and fun. I have to assume they were for some sort of lingerie photo shoot – likely Victoria’s Secret – but I’m not all that concerned with why they were taken. I’m just glad they were. She’s just such a lovely woman. It’s always a pleasure to have the chance to write about her.


  • nice pussy bbe xxx

  • Miranda is hotter then chicken grease.

  • oooooh that’s sweet, wish my face was there :P