written by irene

Miranda Kerr In Sexy Lingerie

Yes, yes, Orlando Bloom is one very lucky guy. I mean how can he not be when he has uber pretty, bedimpled Miranda Kerr as his current girlfriend? In these photos, Miranda shows off her very sexy, shapely body. Donning just skimpy, lacy lingerie (in one photos, she has a lingerie garment with the Playboy bunny on) Miranda looks glowing and every inch of a professional model. She’s a star these days, of course, but I can’t help but wonder if her star will shine brighter in the near future.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr in lingerie sexy Miranda Kerr lacy lingerie Miranda Kerr photos lingerie model Miranda Kerr 6.jpg


  • why does she look like she is about to vomit? Freaky lookin chick!

  • Beautiful outfit, wonderful setting, lovely lingerie modeling, and a great shot.

  • She’s absolutely adorable!

  • Babe why u r hiding u r body??????

  • Tap that