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Miranda Kerr Models Skimpy Fashions

Miranda Kerr went to the Gran Canaria Moda Calida 2008 show in Las Palmas, Spain last Saturday, June 21. Miranda gave the press and fans some time before entering backstage to change her clothes for her catwalk show. She looked beautiful modeling bikinis and other skimpy attire. Her heels accentuated her long, sexy legs. She was modest while talking about her new Supermodel status. She said that she went along with the flow of her work.

Miranda Kerr

Skimpy Fashions Miranda Kerr 2.jpg Miranda Kerr 3.jpg Miranda Kerr 4.jpg Miranda Kerr 5.jpg Miranda Kerr 6.jpg Miranda Kerr 7.jpg Miranda Kerr 8.jpg Miranda Kerr 9.jpg yellow bikini heels supermodel bikinis sexy legs

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  • darn that girl looks so cute =)


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