written by Wanda

Miranda Kerr Stops By Fox & Friends

So I watched this porn flick about cheerleaders once and there was a girl in it with the craziest eyes. Her eyes actually distracted me from the action on the screen a little bit. I mention this because Miranda Kerr has the same kind of eyes and the same build as the girl in the video. I’m not saying Miranda was the girl in the movie or anything but she just kind of reminds me of her and I wanted to share that with you all. Anyway, here we see Miranda on “FOX & Friends” in New York talking about bras or something. This woman is smoking hot. She is definitely one of my favorite models – classy and sexy even in a relatively demure dress. Absolutely stunning.


  • What was this cheerleader porn movie? Care to elaborate? By the way, do you mean ‘crazy eyes’ as in someone who’s on crack or something, and doesn’t blink? Now THAT would be weird in porn.

    • How odd, I just happen to have the DVD right here. It’s called ‘Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 4’. Very high class stuff. As for the eyes, it was more as in a special kind of hotness in the eyes. Most girls don’t have that. Oddly enough, the drugged out no blinking eyes seems to be fairly common in the world of porn but no, not what I was referring to this time.

  • LCS4 sounds interesting – but you say you only watched it once? I guess it wasn’t much of a turn on…maybe it was going cheap? That’s how I ended up with “Party Camp” uncut on VHS. The main ‘teen’ actress was in fact 39. Yowzer!