written by Wanda

Miranda Kerr Wants To Sell Me Razors

I don’t care what Miranda Kerr is trying to sell me. I’ll buy it. Not kidding. She could be selling $500 punches in the face and I’d be all over it. I’m not sure what it is about Miranda that does that to me. There are lots of gorgeous woman around the world – gorgeous women I post about on a regular basis, no less – that advertise all sorts of products but very few of them actually make me want to run out and purchase said product. Here at The Gillette Venus Step Up NY event, Miranda is looking exceptionally lovely. I don’t typically like yellow but I think it looks fantastic on her. The design of the dress is lovely as well, complimenting her body beautifully. These are fantastic photos. I absolutely love this girl. Now I have to buy one of these razors though. It better be worth it.

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  • she is yummy