written by Wanda

Mischa Barton And Sebastian Knapp In Ibiza

Things have been pretty quiet on the Mischa Barton front and that always makes me a little uncomfortable. I love Mischa. I love everything about her. For a while it seemed she was headed on down to Train Wreck Junction on the Hot Mess Express but she seems to have come through that uncertain time in one piece and I admire that. I just hope things are going as well for her as they appear to be in these photos from Ibiza with Sebastian Knapp. I’d like to see her career explode again but I’m not holding my breath. She may never be as popular as she once was, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Fame didn’t really seem to work so well for her the first time around. I’d hate to see her back in a bad situation. I would like to see her do more indie flicks though. I always felt that’s where she was strongest. She was given the chance to show her real talent as an actress, talent she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for.


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