written by Christine

Mischa Barton For Aussie OK! Magazine

And we have here Mischa Barton who managed to give the good people at Aussie OK! Magazine some of her free time. The magazine spent their time with Mischa at her luxe mansion in the hills of Hollywood shooting some candid *cough SO posed* shots. Yes, this is how Mischa looks every day I’m sure. But her house is pretty, and so is she, particularly when she is as perfectly styled here. And I have to say once again, I am NOT convinced this girl has not had work done. Those eyes look scary younger to me. No?

Mischa Barton OK Magazine

Hollywood shooting Mischa Barton posing Mischa Barton 3.jpg Mischa Barton 4.jpg Mischa Barton 5.jpg Mischa Barton 6.jpg Mischa Barton Dog Aussie OK! Magazine Mischa Barton is sexy


  • I’ve been waiting for OK! Magazine photos. Thanks HQ CELEBRITY!!!

  • I never liked Mischa. She looks awful, way too skinny.