written by Ann

Mischa Barton Shows Crotch And Ass In Tight Pants

Mischa Barton went out shopping in West Hollywood. She wore pants with a high waist and showed how slim she was. That stomach could be as flat as a washboard. The camera had a few good shots of her crotch and ass. Mischa has a great, lithe figure. Her leopard print blouse showed that she meant business, running her errands around town. She had her flat, ballet type of shoes on. Those were best for running… We’ll have to catch up with her anther time.

Mischa Barton Candids

Mischa Barton Mischa Barton Candids 2.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 3.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 4.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 5.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 6.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 7.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 8.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 9.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 10.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 11.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 12.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 13.jpg Mischa Barton Candids 14.jpg


  • More than her ass I like her cameltoe … good job on this Mischa !

  • Wow. That is a good shot from the photographer. Anyway nothing special I saw on those photo especialy the view on her ass and crotch. Sorry to say but really, I have noticed all flat no shape at all. Hehe..

  • Why is there only one photo of her ass? That’s probably the only appealing picture out of all of these, heh. I wonder why it looks as though she’s smoking on the last picture in the car.

  • Seems nice to me. Really got a good shot in every angle. Still lovely rather than other people showing off their flesh. And she really looks enjoying her shopping and all.

  • In the last picture i dont think she was smoking… she looked shocked.. maybe she just realized that a paparazzi was following her and she tried to close her face.. she’s so skinny… looks like she just had multi liposuction…

  • Well seems they got a good shots of her, looks pretier than before. I wonder if she wearing more sexy shirt or skirt then it would be nicer for paparazi to take a good shot.

  • Paparazzi NEVER rest, even when she is just shopping they follow her….

    But i liked the pictures and she has a nice ass, as well of her pretty face.

  • I wish there were more pictures taken of her. She simply looks great. I like the one show her front part. Quite offending. But i think it’s pretty ok to take the snapshot of that part. Makes me sighed with passion. If only…if only….and if only…

  • Mischa Barton just looks like some 70’s actress.
    She has a amazing bod. I could see right through her pants.
    It is awesome.

  • Dear Friends,

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • looking too perfect to me……i wanna take her picture…

  • Those are the least flattering pants that I have ever seen.