written by Wanda

Mischa Barton Worries Me

I have always been a Mischa Barton fan. I know I’m not among the majority with respects to this one, at least not these days anyway, but there’s always been something about her that really appeals to me. That said, the last time I saw pictures of her, she was looking a bit more, shall we say, filled out that she looks in these pictures. Either more time has passed between sets of photos than I thought or Mischa has lost a lot of weight in a hurry. Of course, it’s entirely possible that it’s the former. I tend to live in a weird sort of time warp and the concept of time is often lost of me. Regardless, I have to admit that Mischa is looking hotter in these pictures snapped in LA recently, that she has in a while. I’m just hoping she’s healthy and that the weight loss is from diet and exercise and not something more sinister.

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  • There was a time Mischa was painfully skinny which was rather worrying. Hope she’s not headed that way again.

    Her derriere does nothing for me, though. Looks kinda flat to me. I prefer proud behinds you can’t miss seeing if you tried. :-)