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Mischa Barton’s Bohemian Style Swimsuit

Mischa Barton hit the beach in Malibu on July 23 with a Bohemian style of swimsuit. It was a crochet knit, one-piece suit with plenty of holes to allow sunlight to penetrate. Do you remember ever having seen such a lacey, knitted swimsuit? It was quite unique and retro in fashion.

Mischa has been under speculation that she has been dropped by her agent. The gossip at Page Six hinted that Mischa had disappointed her agent with failures to land plum roles. The plucky lady has denied those rumors.

Mischa Barton

Bohemian styl Mischa Barton 2.jpg Mischa Barton 3.jpg Mischa Barton 4.jpg Mischa Barton 5.jpg Mischa Barton 6.jpg swimsuit one-piece suit Mischa Barton 9.jpg Mischa Barton 10.jpg Mischa Barton 11.jpg Mischa Barton 12.jpg Mischa Barton by the beach Mischa Barton 14.jpg Mischa Barton ass Mischa Barton 17.jpg

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  • Sorry, what does Bohemian mean?


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