written by Wanda

Monica Cruz And Her Fantastic Lips

There was a time when Angelina Joli stood undisputed as the woman with the most beautiful lips in Hollywood. Monica Cruz is now threatening to take that title. Here at the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 photoshoot in Madrid, Monica shows us why she is quickly becoming one of the most desirable women in the world. With those lips and those eyes, she could bring any man to his knees. I love her in her pirate garb and have to say, I am now definitely looking forward to seeing this movie. I was kind of a little underwhelmed with the idea at first. I mean, I saw and loved the first three but there is a point in every series when the show needs to close. Although Monica is only her sister Penelope’s body double in the film, even seeing her in costume makes me want to see the film.

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  • Monica and Penelope Cruz are without a doubt 2 of the most gorgeous women on the planet. Never seizes to amaze me how dazzling they look..

  • Umm…her lips are actually quite ugly. And her top lip didn’t use to look that fake and weird.
    Monica is only 33 but she looks like 40.