written by Wanda

More Gorgeous Joanna Krupa Bikini Pics.

Ah, Joanna Krupa. How I do love thee. Such a stunning woman. There’s usually at least one thing about a photo set I don’t love but that’s just not the case with these photos. Joanna looks incredible, of course, and her body is just as ridiculous as ever but I’m also really appreciating the backdrop. Miami has never really been on the list of places I want to visit but these pictures are enough to change my mind. I also love the fact that Joanna looks like she’s having a good time here. I’m quite certain the photos are taken on the set of a professional shoot because of the posed nature of some of them but it doesn’t matter. She still looks like she’s enjoying herself. It’s always nice when a person can actually have a good time doing whatever it is they get paid to do.

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