written by Wanda

More Hot Rumer Willis Bikini Pics.

I said it last time but I’ll say it again. I like Rumer Willis a little more each time I see her. I think these pictures, snapped in Maui, are fantastic. Rumer has a great body and while I still feel there’s something a little masculine about her jawline, it seems less severe than it used to. Perhaps she just needed to grow into her looks. I really feel like she’s getting more attractive with age. She’s certainly getting more self confident and self assured and I can’t fault her for that. I like the way Rumer carries herself. She doesn’t seem desperate for attention like many other celebs her age and I appreciate that as well. Perhaps that’s because she’s never exactly been hurting for attention. My only question is whether or not she’ll ever be able to fully get out of her parents’ shadow. I think she has the talent to do it. Now it’s just a matter of taking on the right film roles and figuring out where she fits in in the Hollywood landscape.



  • Rumer looks great in these photos. However the one with the smoke hanging out of her mouth is gross. But in the rest she looks pretty darn good. NOt much of a fan of the bottoms on this suit but the top looks fine.

  • I fail to see what is so hot about Rumer Willis. She is not very pretty and the suit is horrendous. She needs to pick a suit that fits her better on the top and the bottoms so they do not looks so grannyish. Then we will talk about how good she looks.