written by Wanda

More Sexy Ashley Hart Bikini Pics

I just posted a set of bikini pics of the lovely Ashley Hart just the other day and these pictures seem to be from the same Bondi Beach vacation. I have to admit I’m a big fan of this set – perhaps even more than the other set. This woman’s smile is incredible. Sure she has a great body but her smile just makes me want to smile. It looks like a real “from the heart” expression and I like that. There’s just something so relaxed and laid back about her. Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s on a beautiful beach or perhaps she’s just in a really good place in her life. Regardless of the reason, it’s great to see her looking so happy.


  • If I was by the beach, I’d have a real “from the heart” smile on my face too. It’s not hard to smile when the weather’s lovely and you’re by the beach (unless you’re a really miserable so-and-so and nothing makes you smile).

  • Ashley super sexy body thx bro

  • it was inspired from a Lauren Conrad hair style. She is a loelvy person and a loelvy bride. So congratulations Ashley and Steven!a0This next one I’m mainly posting to my photography friend Amy Karp. It’s totally her pose, and I’m not sure if I executed it right, but it was my first attempt. These last three are the ones Ashley chose to display at her reception. I love how blue her eyes are in this first one!Happy wedding day!!! I can’t wait to share your wedding photos with you too. Posted in Bridal Portraits | Tags: Bridals Portraits at the Las Colinas Canals, Dallas Wedding Photographer, Dallas Wedding Photography, Fort Worth Wedding Photographer, Fort Worth Wedding Photography, Frisco Wedding Photographer, Lewisville Wedding Photographer, Lewisville Wedding Photography, McKinney Wedding Photographer, McKinney Wedding Photography, North Dallas Wedding Photographer, Plano Wedding Photographer, Richardson Wedding Photographer […]

  • No idea who this girl is but her smile is disturbingly sexy.