written by Wanda

More Sexy Bikini Photos Of Hayden Panettiere

I wrote a post about Hayden Panettiere just a short while ago and I noticed some of the photos from this set are the same (or at least very similar) to the photos I posted earlier. All the same, there are a lot of photos here I felt were worth sharing so here they are. I love this woman. She’s pretty. She’s sexy. She’s talented. I think she could have a very bright future ahead of her if she makes smart career choices and keeps herself out of trouble. She’s always struck me as someone who is mature for her age and I think that will do her a lot of favors. I love these photos because Hayden looks so happy in them. Her engagement might seem a little rushed to some but I think she looks happy and in the end, isn’t that all that matters?


  • She was getting boned by that hunk of a boxer Klitschko wow never knew that, she is hot

  • both are sexy