written by Wanda

More Sexy Bikini Shots Of Rihanna

Rihanna really seems to be having the time of her life on this holiday she’s on. So far we’ve seen her on the beach, surfing and taking quiet solo strolls around town. Today, we find Rihanna going for a swim and doing a little snorkeling. As always, Rihanna looks incredible. I love the fact that Rihanna has something different going on in each set of pictures I get of her. I also love the fact that she isn’t stick thin like some of the female celebrities I get bikini shots of. She has a real body and she isn’t afraid to show that body off. There’s something about Rihanna that speaks to me. Perhaps it’s her originality or the fact that she genuinely seems like a down to earth sort of girl. No matter what the reason, Rihanna is one of my absolute favorites. It’s good to see her looking so happy.


  • Looks like Rihanna’s on a really long holiday. Most of the recent pics over the past couple of posts have shown her by the water. She totally deserves a long vacation though as she’s had a really busy couple of years.

  • Hmm, I wonder if her star sign is Aquarius by any chance. Or perhaps she’s a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). It might explain why she always seems to be by the beach/by or in the water when she’s on holiday.

  • I was curious after reading your comment, so I went on Google and Wikipedia. Rihanna was born on Feb 20th (god, I can’t believe she’s only 23). Anyway, that makes her a Pisces and guess what, Pisces is a water sign! So you were right there – you were definitely onto something. :-)

    • Good call on the sign, Nandz! And Koui, it surprises me that she’s that young as well. I thought she was my age (29). She just carries herself in such a mature, self confident way. I suppose that makes her seem older to me. Plus, all of the accomplishments she’s racked up at such a young age – wow!

  • Aww, shucks, no problem, Wanda {blush, blush}. Was just a hunch and it just turned out to be right. It could so easily have gone the other way! Like she could have been a Gemini or something — or of no star sign at all, which would have been creepy.