written by Wanda

More Sexy Bikini Shots Of Vida Guerra

I am a little back and forth on Vida Guerra. Sometimes I feel like she’s a little too stuck on herself and other times I feel like she’s too pretty to care. I’m leaning more toward the latter in these photos. There is a time and a place for everything. The beach is definitely the time and place to show off your body and for that reason, I’m never too hard on women who are showing off their bodies on the beach. To use a tired cliche, if you’ve got it, flaunt it and Vida’s definitely got it. I especially like these photos because she seems to just be relaxing and having a good time. Sometimes Vida looks a little too posed for me but that isn’t the case here. These are some excellent snaps.


  • she has the best ass ever, what a killer body, great curves on her, super chick the other lady with her is quite a fittie too, nice caps

  • i would love to sniff that funky ass after a hard workout. i’d let her fart on my face all day long baby.

  • very sexy women, so curvy her ass is gigantic

  • so curvy i love it, rel women, proper buff body, her friend is fit as fuck too

  • I agree, curvy women with meat on their bones are easily my favourites, like Leah Remini who played carrie heffernan on king of gueens, I just saw that and women like that drive me crazy, so sexy, great curves,