written by Wanda

More Sexy Candice Swanepoel Bikini Photos

Have I mentioned recently that I love Candice Swanepoel? Yes? Well, I’m going to say it again anyway. I love Candice Swanepoel. She’s just an incredible looking woman. I know some feel she’s a bit on the skinny side but I am a firm believer that beauty comes in all sizes – small, medium, large, extra large … as long as the woman doesn’t look unhealthy, of course. I know there are some female celebrities who look far too thin but I don’t believe Candice is one of them. Candice not only looks hot in these photos from Miami but also looks like she’s having a fantastic time. I always appreciate that. I don’t like women that don’t seem like they know how to have a good time and Candice definitely isn’t one of those women.

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  • so sexy, her body is stunning