written by Wanda

More Sexy Pictures Of Selena Gomez And Vanessa Hudgens

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson are clearly a big part of the upcoming flick “Spring Breakers” and from the pictures I’ve seen thus far, it looks like they’re going to be spending a good portion of the movie clad in nothing but a bikini. I saw a photo of James Franco on the set the other day all dressed up for his role. He looked more like Kevin Federline than James Franco and I don’t know. That kind of makes me even more excited for the movie. Clearly wearing little clothing isn’t just for the girls in this one and I like that for a change. This newest set of pictures were taken as Selena, Vanessa and Ashley were leaving the set after they finished work for the morning. Perhaps they just hit the beach right after shooting. What a great job. Beats the heck out of mine, that’s for sure.


  • I hope the film turns out to be good. There seems to be a lot of anticipation around it. It does look like a fun movie – I mean I’m assuming its premise is that the girls are out on their spring break for some fun and excitement – they look it.

    • From what I understand, the plot of the film is basically this: four girls rob a restaurant to pay for their spring break vacation and are bailed out of prison by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do something for him. I think James Franco plays the dealer. Selena, Vanessa, Ashley and Rachel play the girls. I’m pretty excited to see it. It’ll be a long wait though as it’s not going to hit theaters until 2013.

  • Not the story-line I was expecting. I wonder if it’s a comedy. I get a feeling it is. But then I could be wrong!

    Wow, 2013? That’s some time away. By the time it’s out, they might be shooting the sequel to it (perhaps).

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  • Edwin, I see you’re in a foul mood, or a mischievous one at that. Instead of pointing a critical finger at people who have nothing wrong with them, maybe you should look in the mirror and look at the one pointing at you.

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