written by Wanda

More Stunning Bikini Pics Of Jennifer Nicole Lee

Health and fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee definitely has everything it takes to pull off a bikini. Her body is absolutely incredible as well it should. The girl clearly works hard to stay in shape. She’s made a career out of it, after all. After hitting nearly 200 lbs. after giving birth to her second child, Jennifer decided she wasn’t happy with the way she looked and did something not a lot of people do – she worked hard to change that. Her story is an absolute inspiration. She turned that determination into a health and fitness empire and I can’t hate on the girl for that at all. Love her, love her story and love the way she can rock a bikini.


  • She’s an incredibly fit, strong, beautiful, confident, sensual, sexy looking woman. She looks like she owns her body. I like that. I can’t imagine anyone being the boss of her? She looks totally in control of her life and where it’s going.

  • she is not happy bcs her chubby kids…