written by Wanda

More Wild Pictures Of Selena Gomez From Spring Breakers

I wrote another post about Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens on the set of “Spring Breakers” in Florida earlier but I’m not sure what order these posts are going to get published in. If you haven’t see it yet, keep an eye out for the other post over the next few days. They involve pretty girls, bikinis and honestly, my favorite part – a scooter. I have always wanted a scooter. I don’t have a license, but I would get one for a scooter. Who’s feeling generous? Kidding, of course. Mostly. Anyway, on to these pictures. I like this set just a little bit more as they also include lovely Ashley Benson and also lovely Rachel Korine. I’ll confess. I have no idea who Rachel is and I’m not sure which one she is in these photos (the one that isn’t Selena, Vanessa or Ashley I suppose) but it’s safe to assume she’s also lovely. I’m starting to feel like I have a pretty good idea of what this movie is going to look like and I’m not hating it. I”m interested to know when James Franco comes into play though. Will he be clad in next to nothing to? That would guarantee my attendance at the theater – possibly more than once. I love Mr. Franco. I miss him on Twitter.


  • SO hot.

  • id lick her all over

  • i wanna bang all of them together

  • She is beautiful