written by Wanda

My Oh Miley! Miley Cyrus Forgot Her Pants

Wow – this is embarrassing. It seems Miley Cyrus went on stage at the Rock in Rio music festival in Arganda del Rey, Spain and forgot to put on her pants. What with all the pressure of being an international superstar, she’s bound to forget something from time to time, but you would really think someone might’ve mentioned something so important. Of course, she wouldn’t have gone on stage half naked on purpose. Then again, this is the girl that can’t be tamed. Let’s just hope someone puts the reins on her before she starts shaving her head and beating on cars with umbrellas and please, for the good of humanity – no one introduce her to anyone with the last name Federline. That is just a mess this girl does not need!

My oh Miley! Miley Cyrus forgot her pants


  • Oh my she also forgot any talent

  • as long she doesn’t wear any underwear I am ok with it :p

  • did they make out or what?

  • Did she get all of her adult teeth yet?


  • nice one nonW00T and true. i think she “forgot” her pants on purpose. I mean it was her outfit for her performance. She’s trying to compensate her lack of talent by showing her body. Everybody knows that sex sell.

  • can t have sex whith you