written by Wanda

Myleene Klass In A Sexy New Lingerie Shoot.

For a long time, Myleen Klass was pretty under the radar for me. I always thought she was beautiful and I always knew she had a fantastic body but I didn’t pay much attention to her. That has really been changing as of late, thanks in large part of my work here on HQ-Celebrity. There was a post a short time ago that caught my attention and from there, she’s sort of stuck with me. This shoot certainly hasn’t disappointed me. The lingerie is stylish and looks fantastic on Myleene. Her body is absolutely incredible. I even love the shoes. This is a great shoot – a pleasure to share.


  • Myleene has a class of her own. She looks awesome in these pics. She is hot. I love her body, her face, her hair, the way she poses. I could go on and on but I would much rather look at her. So what do you say, post more pics of her soon?

  • she is so stunning, another hottie

  • Myleene is one I could look at all day long. She is hot and sexy and there are not enough words to describe her. I feel that this photo shoot went very well for her. Very classy and in taste and she looks amazing.

  • Myleene is a very pretty lady. She looks amazing here. Any guy I am sure is drooling over her. I would love to have her body or her hair or her looks. She is the total package in my book. A great model.

  • gorgeous face and a stunning body, I agree her hair looks great

  • id love to have myleene in my bed, what a body

  • she is so sexy and exotic looking, she is mixed race i’m assuming, what ethnicity is myleene half white/ black or European type she is very sexy women really i’m in love with her looks and her body is top notch too