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Nadia Bjorlin Brightens Up Days

Nadia Alexandra Bj√∂rlin (credited as Bjorlin) made her first mark when she appeared in the famous and long running soap opera Days Of Our Lives. She left the show for a bit and now she’s back — and with a vengeance (as you can obviously see in these pictures)! She looks very sultry, don’t you think so? With sexy peeks of her lovely bosom area, of her ultra enticing long legs and of her gorgeous face, I think many males will now slowly but surely tune in to Days…if only to see Nadia.

Nadia Bjorlin

Sexy Nadia Bjorlin Nadia Bjorlin Posing Nadia Bjorlin Photo Shoot Nadia Bjorlin 5.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 6.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 7.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 8.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 9.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 10.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 11.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 12.jpg Nadia Bjorlin 13.jpg

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  • Pure beauty and posing.


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