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Nadine Coyle Back To Home Sweet Home

Nadine Coyle arrives home and apparently arrives back to former “Desperate Housewives” hunk Jesse Metcalfe’s arms. Here she is with all her big blonde hair, black stockings and little black dress letting the world know that she’s happily holding hands with Jesse, who’s incidentally a former rehab stint guy. Do you think their relationship will last? What does Nadine see in Jesse? When will they get married? Whoever said Nadine should wear those painfully high heels?

Nadine Coyle

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  • Nadine looks amazing, although with her being Irish and spending lots of time in LA, her accent has gone all weird. She looks great though.

  • I’ll never understand celebrity couples myself. I think when you get big, you focus more on trying to find someone that you can connect with, then trying to find someone super-attractive physically, because really, everyone in Hollywood is (supposedly) beautiful.

  • They both look hot. Does he still act in Desperate housewives.
    I wonder if they would spend the new year together or would have been broken up by then.I wish they stay together.

  • Looks like they’re a fine couple. We never really know what Jesse has that Nadine seems to be so happy with him. Her heels so high she wouldn’t mind because Jesse must have promised to catch her when she falls.

  • cum home to me babe anytime


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