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Naomi Campbell’s Black Bikini

Here is a collection of Naomi Campbell’s pictures at various locations. These were taken on June 30. She was snapped in her black bikini, on a boat, playing in the water with her float, or with her boyfriend, Marcus Elias. He was said to be a Brazilian businessman and loaded with dough. Naomi looked beautiful with her well maintained body that has been a supermodel’s asset since she first broke into modeling. The celebrity couple went for their speedboat cruise around the region. When on land, they went shopping along the French Riviera.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell 2.jpg Naomi Campbell 3.jpg Naomi Campbell 6.jpg Naomi Campbell 7.jpg Naomi Campbell 8.jpg Naomi Campbell 9.jpg Naomi Campbell 10.jpg sexy Naomi Campbell asset supermodel black bikini


  • She is really sexy!!!

  • naomi is the hottest supermodel ever. perfection.


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