written by Wanda

Natalie Getz Is Hot In A Bikini

The Bachelor. The Bachelorette. The Bachelor Pad. Seriously – what is the deal with these shows? Do we really need three variations of the same basic theme. Anyway, whatever. Natalie didn’t win on The Bachelor (but really, does anyone actually ‘win’ on that show?) so she got to appear on the first season of the THIRD spin off of The Bachelor called The Bachelor Pad. This time, she did win. Until today, I’ve never heard of her. Anyway, she’s kind of hot, I suppose. I like that she’s using her winnings to pay off her student loans instead of something stupid like getting implants – which I’m sure she’s been told she needs. I like the more natural look, even if that natural look could also be called ‘flatter than a board’. In any event… I’m bored already of this girl. Next.

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