written by Wanda

Natalie Portman Is Freaking Adorable.

There aren’t many women in the entertainment industry that can pull of cute while still being sexy but Natalie Portman is most definitely one of those women. Those big beautiful eyes of hers absolutely melt my heart. What I like about Natalie most though is that she’s a woman with a brain. So many women in Hollywood feel they have to hide their intellect but Natalie doesn’t and I find that extremely appealing. Natalie doesn’t hide anything about herself to try to boost her career. She is who she is and she lets her genuine talent speak for itself. I absolutely love her in every possible way and these pictures? Fantastic.


  • Natalie is very adorable. I have loved her since the first time I saw her. She has a great complexion and just looks beautiful no matter how she is posed or what she is wearing.

  • I think that Natalie Portman is cute. She is grown up but has a very child like look to her. It is adorable. She is pretty and is a great actress. She has always been one of my favorite.

  • very cute