written by Wanda

Natasha Barnard The Sexy Cowgirl

Yup. These photos of Natasha Barnard all dressed up like a cowgirl are definitely hot. I mean, they’re amazingly hot. They’re almost unbelievably hot. Maybe my mild obsession has something to do with my not so secret cowgirl fetish but regardless of the reason, I love these shots to just a ridiculous degree. Perhaps that shows in what I’ve written thus far. Seriously though, I think everything about these shots is perfect. I think she hit all the right poses and the wardrobe people made all the right choices. The raw sensuality in these photos is off the charts. Natasha’s body is, of course, the focal point but those eyes of hers? So freaking sexy. And yes, the wardrobe helps a lot too. Fantastic shots. Absoultely incredible – definitely my favorite Natasha Barnard shots to date.

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