written by Wanda

Naya Rivera Apparently Went Nuts Or Something

Way back when Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez was nothing more than a background character on Glee, rumors circulated that Naya was dating her dreamy Glee co-star Mark Saling (Puck, for those who were never as Glee-sessed as me). Rumors also circulated that the two had a nasty split and Naya either busted the windows out of his car, keyed her car, slashed his tires or tried to run him over. I don’t think any were true but there are a whole lot of people out there that believe it was probably all of the above, relishing in painting a strong woman like Naya with the psycho brush. Now… Naya is going through a new breakup and we’re starting to hear some of those rumors again. I’d like to think the rumors were false then and are false now. It wouldn’t be the first time a guy has used previous bad press to hurt his famous ex but, well… I’m just gonna leave it at that.

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