written by Wanda

Naya Rivera Celebrates Her Birthday

Guilty confession time. I love Glee. Absolutely love it. There are only two things about the show I’m not crazy about – Lea Michele and her Rachel Berry like diva-tude and Naya Rivera and her, well, bat poop craziness. She’s hot. She has a good voice. Normally, I wouldn’t care about behind the scenes drama but considering insiders claim her loopiness is the reason one of my favorite characters – beloved mohawk bad boy, Puck – has seen a dramatic decrease in screen time this season, I have no choice but to care. These insiders claim that Rivera and the adorable actor that plays Puck, Mark Salling, had a little fling and Rivera wasn’t pleased that Mark wasn’t as committed to that fling as she was. How did she respond? By being a professional and putting hard feelings aside because they’re co-stars on the same show? Of course not. She keyed his car and is rumored to have started a relationship with a higher up on the show which she then used to convince the higher up to push Mark and his character into the background. Is any of it true? Well, the cast isn’t talking about it in public, but everyone knows what’s going on and talking about it behind the scenes. But hey, who cares, right? She still looks smoking hot. Just check out her body in the snug dress she wore to celebrate her birthday at The Bank, Las Vegas. Who needs morals when you look that good, right Naya?

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  • fuck me baby one more time. nice big titty i would love to suck on those and spunk on u

  • she is well fit

  • the car keying thing was just a rumour. mark doesn’t even have a lexus.

    • Oh was it? That’s definitely good to know. I figured it was. She seems too not crazy for that. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m going to miss Mark on Glee next season. :(