written by Wanda

Neve Campbell Hits The Beach In A Black Bikini

I’ve always loved Neve Campbell. From Party of Five to the Scream franchise, she’s just someone who always made me smile. Now, I know what’s going to be said about these pictures of Neve in Hawaii. She’s gained a few extra pounds since the last time we saw her, but I honestly think she looks pretty good. She might not have the sexiest body on the beach but what makes her sexy is that she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. She’s proud of who she is and there’s little more beautiful than that. I’m excited to see her return to the big screen even if I can’t really see the point of another Scream movie. I hope it’s a success and we see more of her again. I’ve missed Neve.

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  • I’ve seen other websites post pictures from this set and make comments about how fat she is. What a joke. I’d be proud to wake up next to her every morning.

  • I agree id love to fuckh her

  • Wow! Looks like she’s going for the Kirstie Alley look-a-like award.

  • Unfortunately she looks bad by celebrity standards but that’s the inevitable effect of the aging process. By human standards I would say she still looks great. Perhaps I’m biased by the crush I had on her in Party of Five days.