written by Wanda

New Bikini Pics Of Beautiful Scarlett Johansson

Here’s what I love about Scarlett Johansson – she’s a naturally beautiful woman who looks the way real women look in a bikini. She doesn’t have a perfect body. There’s a little cellulite but do you think she cares? I have to imagine she doesn’t. This is a woman that is really and truly comfortable in her own skin. She knows she’s beautiful just the way she is and I absolutely love that. Here in Hawaii, Scarlett hits the beach in a bikini with little regard for the cameras taking pictures of her every move. She’s not trying to pose or look sexy. She’s just having a good time with her friends. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love her more.


  • So much woman.

    • Indeed she has so much lovely ass. so curvy as well, and i just can’t stop looking at that big yummy round ass

  • Cottage cheese hell. I miss the younger Scarlett.

    • You must be stupid. Most women have cellulite or get it later in life. It’s a natural thing that happens. Don’t let the media fool you into thinking everything they say is bad or true, but it may already be to late for you. Very shallow to look down on a pretty girl cause she has some cellulite are you kidding me??

  • sponge

  • short big legs

    • short sexy thick big legs yummy

  • sexy ass

  • sexy ass

  • She looks just fine, curvy, beautiful, relaxed. Cellulite is natural, so stop judging her for that. She’s human, not from another planet. I personally think it’s great to see these pictures. These are what real pics look like. Airbrushed ones are just that – airbrushed, fake, untruths.

  • damn, when she grows up she’s going to look just like Shelley Winters…

    • What? that doesn’t even make any sense. If it was some kind of joke. It was far from cleaver. People get old that’s life. You wont look so hot either once you’re 70 or dead.

  • beautifull !! thx bro

  • Omg she got cellulite!!! She should be more careful.

    • Nothing wrong with having a little cellulite. In fact most women seem to have it, or tend to get it later on in life. It really isn’t a big deal…..it really really isn’t but i assume you don’t no much.

  • Nothing work with cellulite

  • Id bust a huge load on that big perfect butt.

  • Nothing (wrong) with cellulite

  • would love to stick my dick between her soft ass cheeks. Butt so big and juicy.

  • I love her big ass, it’s prefect. If that big ass were to bounce on your penis, and you got to watch that huge ass jiggle it would be mind blowing, and love that cellulite on that big round ass.

  • doing that massive ass from behind would be so amazing to watch jiggle.

  • I dream of Scarlett farting in my face!!! lol

  • Surprising but Nat Portman’s ass is as big or bigger. Watch Closer and you’ll see what I mean.