written by Wanda

New Bikini Pics Of Britney Spears

I know I’m going to get a little guff for this one but I have to be honest. I really don’t think Britney Spears is all that attractive anymore. She used to be one of the sexiest pop stars in the world but she hasn’t quite reclaimed that title. With that said, she’s actually starting to look a lot better. Here in Rio de Janiro, Britney doesn’t quite look like the smoking hot babe she used to be but she’s a far cry from the smoking hot mess she was a year or two back. I’m not really liking the bikini but that has far more to do with the color than the way she wears it. I’m kind of up in the air on these pictures. Part of me just sees how far she’s come and another part of me just sees how far she has left to go. At least she’s looking healthy again.

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  • Id f#ck her ass so goddamn hard! Trashy, sexy bi#ch! I wonder if britters swallows??