written by Wanda

New Bikini Pics Of Rihanna

Some of the other celebrity websites are going crazy over these pictures. They’re making a pretty big deal about the fact that you can see Rihanna’s nipples through her bikini top. I doubt Rihanna cares in the least but all the same, I’m going to skip focusing on that one aspect of the pictures. Attention has been called to the nipple issue so I’ll move on now. What I like about these pictures is how much fun it looks like Rihanna is having. This is a lady enjoying her downtime in Barbados and I think that’s awesome to see. I’m a big Rihanna fan. I make no secret of that. Pictures like these ones only make me like her more.


  • I actually didn’t see her nipples ’til you brought it to my attention. Whoever first saw them must have been looking really hard. Apart from her bikini, all I saw when I first looked at the photos (before I read your post) was her tattoos and the bruise on her thigh.

    • I actually didn’t notice them either. I probably wouldn’t have either if it hadn’t been for another website posting a big scandalous headline about Rihanna’s ‘revealing’ bikini shots.

  • You’d think that no-one’s ever seen a nipple before. I’d be more concerned about the bruise on her thigh – I hope she got that accidentally or in the throes of passion, and that she’s not back where she found herself some time ago.

  • wow rihanna is crazy thx bro

  • so sexy

  • didnt notice her nipples….yeh right! why d u have to put up such hot pic? now im masturbating over rhianna!…..OMG RHIANNA…..YOUR SOOOO HOT!!!!!!