written by Wanda

New Bikini Pics Of Sexy Leighton Meester

I’ve actually never seen “Gossip Girl”, Leighton Meester’s biggest claim to fame, but I absolutely loved her in “Country Strong”. She’s kind of a weird actress for me. I always love her in whatever I see her in but I’m never rushing out to see her movies. I like her but she doesn’t excite me. She is, however, one of my favorite members of the “Gossip Girl” cast so that has to count for something. Here in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Leighton looks beautiful as always. And before someone jumps on me for not mentioning it, yes, that is Leighton Meester’s butt crack but no, I don’t really care. It is a nice butt crack as far as butt cracks go but I guess that particular part of a woman’s anatomy isn’t at the top of my turn on list. Butt crack aside, Leighton looks like she’s having a great time and that’s always nice to see. I love these photos. Maybe I will check out “Gossip Girl” one day – assuming Netflix Canada ever gets around to carrying it.


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