written by Wanda

New Britney Spears Crotch Shots

Have I gone back in time? Nope – just Britney Spears flashing her crotch again. At least she’s wearing panties this time, I guess – cute ones too. Being that these pictures were snapped in London, I’m really tempted to do a London/France/Underpants joke but I won’t. Instead, I’ll confess something I never thought I’d say. I actually feel a little bad for Britney. The last time was worse, obviously, as she wasn’t wearing underwear, but last time it almost seemed kind of intentional. This time, judging by how close the camera is to her face, someone really had to be zooming in to get this one. That’s kind of a shame but hey, we get to see Britney’s underwear so I guess it’s not all bad.


  • just love her thickly muscular legs, Brits legs are so dam sexy

  • Sexy

  • very sexy and Beautiful Britney Spears thank you i am a Big fan of Her

  • Oh Miss Spears you are getting your life on track but how about keeping your crotch covered up? We do not all need to see your goods now do we? Much thanks for listening.

  • id destroy her, she has the ideal body that i love on a women, nice thick legs, curves, i wanna bang her

  • I have always loved Brit. Since she first came out. I do not feel that the crotch shots are really good for her image though. It is too bad when someone feels that they have to do this to stay popular.

  • awesome legs

  • nice curvy figure, I’d like to smash her