written by Wanda

New Courteney Cox Bikini Pics From Miami.

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but I always felt like Courtney Cox was the most attractive member of the “Friends” cast. Jennifer Aniston is very pretty as well but she just never appealed to me the way Courtney Cox did. That’s a big part of the reason I love these Courtney Cox bikini pics from Miami. I think the lady looks fantastic. She doesn’t seem to be wearing a whole lot of makeup, if she’s wearing any makeup at all, and she still looks great. Is she starting to show her age? Maybe a little bit but I still think she looks incredible. I love this woman. She seems like a real class act and in an industry where trashy behavior is often rewarded, I have to give her credit for being a lady.


  • Never really been a huge fan of Courtney. I much preferred Jennifer and then Lisa. I just found her to be rather annoying. It was most likely the character on the show that I found her to be this way.

  • Jennifer Aniston is fittest on friends easily, her legs are mesmerizing, every time I watch freinds I get hypnotized by her hotness, Lisa Kudrow is proper nice too

  • Agreed, she┬┤s always been the more attractive one in my opinion too and dare I say, the really beautiful one out of the girls. And I think it goes beyond her beauty, she’s classy, as you say, and sexy to top it off.

  • jennifer aniston is fitter, both have great legs

  • Lisa Kudrow ( Phoebe) is the sexiest of the three ) My opinion only but I find all of them attractive

  • I would probably say Aniston is the nicest out of the friends bunch, but hell I would not kick any of them out of bed, Couteney is rather nice

  • Yes, When I watch Friends I was thinking the three of the ladies they are all good looking in my opinion, If I was pushed to say I would say Jennifer Aniston is the best out of the three of them in my opinion but they are all attractive, That is my opinion though