written by Wanda

New HQ Pics Of Jessie J At The Brit Awards 2012

I really didn’t want to like Jessie J but I just couldn’t help it. She got under my skin. There’s only so much room in my heart for pop artists and I was at capacity just Jessie forced her way in there and I feel pretty good about that. I have to admit I’m not convinced I love the dress Jessie wore to The BRIT Awards 2012, but I will say it compliments her very well. It’s very sexy but it’s also very unique. It just seems that she’s showing a lot of skin just to show off skin but I guess it works for her. This doesn’t happen very often, but the more I look at this dress, the more I like it. Now I’m confused. Thanks a lot Jessie J.


  • nice pics

    she is an attractive women

  • My name is stephen ogwuche joseph, from nigeria.
    Jessie j is an atractive girl, and am in love with her. If I can see her for once I wil be very hhappy.