written by irene

New Look For Nelly Furtado

This image of Nelly Furtado is a bit confusing for me. First she wants to be the free-spirited singer then she turns to RnB and rap and sensual lyrics and now she’s all prim and proper. Here’s Nelly during her recent performance at the 49th International Song Festival in Vina Del Mar. Do you like Nelly’s new blonde hair? Do you like her clothes? I think her outfit’s all right although I’m really not sure if this is the right image she wants to project. What do YOU think?

Nelly Furtado

International Song Festival Vina Del Mar Nelly Furtado performing Nelly Furtado is blonde Nelly Furtado 6.jpg Nelly Furtado 7.jpg Nelly Furtado 8.jpg Nelly Furtado 9.jpg Nelly Furtado 10.jpg Nelly Furtado 11.jpg


  • No, I don’t really like her blond, short hair. But she’s still kind of cute. =) But i also hope that she will change her hair color in her natural. whatever, she’s great! love nelly <3

  • no, no! why do they all think they have to be blond to be hot?

  • gross

  • chunky monkey

  • nice

  • Damn why did she change her hair color… I prefer natural..