written by Wanda

New Performance Pics Of Taylor Momsen

This may come as a surprise if you’ve read any of my past posts about Taylor Momsen but I really am a pretty big fan of this girl. She’s young and I think she’s still trying to figure out who she is and I can definitely understand that. When I was Taylor’s age, I was doing a lot of the same crazy stuff she’s doing but the whole world wasn’t watching me do it. I have never really watched “Gossip Girl” although that will change soon, I believe, but I’m a big fan of Taylor’s band. I think she’s really in her element when she’s on stage like she is in these pictures taken when her band performed live at the House of Blues in Hollywood. What I really like about these pictures is that, for once, she isn’t only wearing lingerie on stage. I don’t really specifically have a problem with her affection for hitting the stage in her underwear but it is nice to see her a little more covered up every now and again.

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  • Wow, she’s only 18? Aww. I’ve never heard her sing or act, so I hopped over to YouTube to hear one of her songs – actually not hers but a version of Love The Way You Lie. Not bad. Not bad at all.