written by Wanda

New Sexy Audrina Patridge Bikini Pics

I have always been of a certain opinion on the subject of women (or men) who become famous for reality television shows. Audrina Patridge is one such celebrity. She rose to fame as part of “The Hills” cast and has more or less maintained a certain level of fame since the show came to an end. She had a (far too brief) stint on “Dancing with the Stars” a few seasons back and I suppose that’s really when my opinion on reality show stars began changing. I liked Audrina on the show and have liked her ever since. Here on an LA beach in a cute floral bikini, Audrina looks fabulous. She also looks like she’s having a pretty good time.


  • Proof that reality TV personality & model Audrina Patridge can look awesome when she wants to. The extra lift and support brings back her shape and style. She looks much better than she did a year ago, not quite up to the bikini goddess status she enjoyed before 2011. Audrina has looked hot throughout March. Hope she keeps the sassy streak alive!

  • I’m sorry, but I really don’t see what either of you are seeing. I’m not saying she’s not beautiful, but don’t you see how thin she looks? That’s the first thing I noticed. I wanna feed her, not praise her for looking gorgeous and sexy. She just looks undernourished to me.

    • I don’t honestly don’t think she looks undernourished. She looks skinny but not scary skinny. She’s an athletic girl and I think that contributes heavily to her thin build. Or she just may be a naturally skinny girl. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being skinny as long as you take care of yourself and Audrina look to me like someone who takes care of herself.

  • We’re both seeing her body differently. I’m looking at some of those pictures and she looks worryingly skinny to me. I agree – there’s nothing wrong in being slim if that’s how you naturally are, but for me it’s not natural to look undernourished and to me, she does.

  • Have to disagree with you Kara. She doesn’t look undernourished and too skinny at all! She got close to that a year ago, but she put on weight while working out and now I think looks fabulously toned and strong!

    Her problem was severe post reduction sagging. But now that she employs some lift and support from a good bikini top she has regained some of her curves and cleavage and looks amazing!

    Great start to the 2012 bikini season for Audrina!

  • JennySt, it’s cool if you disagree with me, you know. Totally. I appreciate your different take on it, along with both Wanda’s and FrankieT’s. You’re seeing what you’re seeing and I’m seeing what I’m seeing. And that’s OK. Take care…

    • Sorry if I came across as argumentative. It wasn’t my intention. That’s the problem with the internet sometimes. It’s hard to read tones. I think Jenny and I are seeing the same thing with Audrina. She was so scary thing a few months back and seeing her put a little weight back on leads me to believe she’s taking care of herself. I can see what you mean in some of the pictures and without comparing her past pictures to these ones, I can see how she might look too thin. At the same time, I think I think she’s just in a healthier place. Of course I could be completely wrong. I often get accused of being too thin so I think I might be a little sensitive on the issue. Nice to hear a different opinion though. It’s always nice to have a healthy debate.

  • Wanda, there’s absolutely nothing to apologise for. I really do appreciate it when people have differing views and all have an opportunity to get their point across in a mature and respectful way. There are so many instances in which that doesn’t happen.

    If she was much slimmer than she looks now, then I congratulate her for fighting her way upwards.

    Take care…

  • sexy audrinaaa thx bro

  • I did not even know who she was until I read this. But she is very pretty. And I just love her choice in a suit. You can not go wrong with that print. She looks in shape and has a decent body. One I would be proud of.