written by Wanda

New Sexy Bikini Shots Of Rosie Huntington

Rosie Huntington and boyfriend, Jason Statham are getting 2012 off to a good start, enjoying a relaxing afternoon at a beach house in Miami, Florida on January 2. I’ve been hearing rumors lately that Rosie may be pregnant but after looking at these pictures, I have to assume those rumors are false. I suppose it could be early (very early) in the pregnancy but I sincerely doubt it. Funny story: when my mother gave birth to me, she drove herself to the hospital, told the nurse at admissions that she was in labor and the nurse didn’t even believe Mom was pregnant. My mother is a tiny, tiny woman but she barely showed at all. Not saying that’s the case with Rosie because there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that she’s not pregnant. I suppose I just wanted to share a little bit about me. So there that is. Enjoy the pictures.



  • I love the pictures where the label on her bikini bottom is sticking out — do you see it?! I’m kinda weird like that though! I like seeing signs of imperfection – to me, they’re little signs of normality on a human. :-)

    • I didn’t notice that, but you’re right. I really like that. It’s a simple little thing but it makes her seem more human.

  • Wanda, Rosie could be very very early in her pregnancy, which is why it might not be showing. Also, maybe she hasn’t officially announced it as some women prefer to wait the first trimester before they let the news out to anyone other than their partner (of course), close friends and family.

  • Your mother drove herself to the hospital when she was due to have you? What a strong strong lady. :-)

    The nurse should have had enough experience to know that every pregnant woman’s different: some show, some don’t. Even I know that and I’m not a nurse!

    • I think the nurse probably assumed Mom was either joking or there with someone else. My mother didn’t show at all and walked into the hospital on her own. I have to be honest though, the staff there wasn’t at the top of their game. The doctor put bruises all over my poor little face when he tried to deliver me and squeezed my head all out of shape. I looked like a little pink monster. :(

      Anyway, you and Tanya are both right. My mother is an incredible woman – strong, confident, a little crazy and endlessly supportive. I’m not sure if that passed on to me, but she definitely passed her clumsy steak along.

  • Diane, I had a friend – only people who knew her knew she was pregnant. Strangers used to step to her because she looked well-proportioned all over. She had put on pregnancy weight, but it was evened out, so they really didn’t realise she was pregnant until she told them and then they’d look at her belly and see she was obviously pregnant.

    Wanda: I agree, your mother must be some woman to have been able to drive to the hospital herself in her condition. I’m thinking some of that strength passed on to you, hun. :-)

  • Rosie is looking gorgeous as usual. You mentioned she was having some timeout on the beach with her boyfriend, Jason Statham, but I actually don’t see any sign of him in those pictures. Are you sure he was there? She could have been chilling by herself.

    • I wrote a post about a set of pictures from the same day and he was shown in those. I assumed he was there for this set as well but perhaps just not on camera. I think you may be right though. She may have been out with some friends while Jason was elsewhere. Not sure if the other set has been published yet. If not, it should be along shortly.

  • Haha, do you see the picture of the guy staring at Rosie’s ass (1st row, middle pic)? Maybe he’s not really staring at her derriere and it just happens to be the angle in which the photo was taken, but to me it sure as hell looks like he’s staring her ass down! The expression on his face is hilarious! He looks like he’s died and gone to frikkin heaven.

    • Another thing I missed about the pictures. Good catch, Tom!

  • Tom, I looked at the larger version of the image you’re referring to and that guy’s DEFINITELY staring at Rosie’s ass! Let’s hope he’s not someone the couple know ‘cos I don’t think Jason would be too amused by it. Anyway, it’s a funny picture nonetheless. The look on his face is classic!

  • Nah, I think she knows him. Well I hope she does. Would she let a stranger sit that close to her if she didn’t? But then a friend shouldn’t be looking at your ass like that! If she doesn’t know him, it’s actually creepy that he got that close.

  • Wanda: No problem. Just thought I’d point it out as I didn’t notice any pics of him. It’s not a problem.

    If Rosie’s chilling on the beach on her own or with friends, then it’s cool. It shows the couple aren’t joined at the hip. I don’t think that guy having a visual convo with her ass would have gotten away with it though if her man was there.

  • You’re welcome, Wanda. :-) I found it hilarious when I first saw it and for a while afterwards, but now I’m not so sure ‘cos if she doesn’t know him, then that’s a bit too close for comfort, don’t you think?

  • That nurse really shouldn’t have made assumptions. She should have known better than most. The same thing happened to a friend of mine – and quite recently too. When she said she was in labour, they didn’t believe her, but she was, and by the time they realised, you should have seen how fast they rushed her to the delivery room.

    Despite the bruising, you came out OK and healthy, which is good. Means you’re as much a fighter as your ma. :-)

    What does clumsy steak mean?

    • Clumsy steak…. well, that means I meant to type ‘streak’ and missed the ‘r’ but didn’t notice until you pointed it out. I suppose that in itself is evidence of my clumsiness. It goes far beyond that though.

  • Wanda, today, a label sticking out of Rosie’s bikini – tomorrow, unshaved armpits! Can’t wait for that! I don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon though. In which case I’d just as well settle for a picture of her with a bit of spinach lodged between her teeth! Perfect imperfection!

    • Remember a few years ago when Julia Roberts (I think) went to the Oscars with hairy armpits? People were so up in arms over it. Wow, no pun intended there at all. Anyway, I thought it was awesome – very gutsy of her.

  • Ah, clumsy ‘streak’ – that’s what you meant. No worries. Everyone makes spelling boo-boos, including me!

    It’s more than likely some of her strength passed on to you. It’s just a matter of accepting that it’s there. Plus you probably have some of your own too :-)

  • Yeah, Wanda, I remember that! And all hell broke loose in Hollywood and the media. You’d think she’d killed someone. Or did some people really not know that armpit hair exists or that women have them? I found the reaction amusing.