written by Wanda

New Sexy Jennifer Lopez Performance Pics From Madrid

You know, it’s weird. There are a lot of Jennifer Lopez songs I like but there are just as many that I loathe yet despite that fact, I would absolutely love the opportunity to see Lopez in concert. I really don’t think Jennifer Lopez concerts are all about the music. They’re also about entertainment and just sitting back and enjoying the show this woman puts on. These photos of Jennifer performing live at ┬áPalacio de los Deportes, Madrid seem to back that belief up. She looks like she lives for the stage – like she was born to be there. It’s sometimes hard for me to remember that she started out as an actress and transitioned to the world of music. I don’t think she has the best voice in the business but her performances are always a spectacle. It’s no wonder she’s in such great shape. She gets a workout every time she hits the stage.



  • There are many songs of J-Los that I hate. But some of them are good. I can listen to her most of the time. But she looks great here. It is amazing how one can age but not really age if you know what I mean.

  • milf, her ass is wow

  • that guy getting a feel of that big booty lol, fair play

  • she oozes sex appeal thats it, her music is garbage really lets be honest on all the shows she appears its more about what she is wearing showing her cleavage and ass in slutty outfits, she knows she is sexy but she is not a great singer tbh

  • she is good looking she has a great body so she is a media icon lol thats how it works